The Facebook Group Audit Call Is Designed Make Sure Your Group Is All Set Up The Right Way To Grow And Monetise Your Community

Most of the people that I work with know that they need an audience, and they know that Facebook groups are the best way to build that audience, but they're a little unsure of how to set their group up for best results.

After all it can be daunting because even though you may think you've got it right, a fresh pair of eyes with decades of experience can usually spot things that can make a big difference to your success.

I'd love to help you make sure that your Facebook group has everything it needs in place to help you write your success story!

Who This Call Suits Best, What You'll Get From This Call, And How It'll Help You...

This call is going to be perfect for you if...

  • You're unsure of what elements you need to have set up inside your group to get the best results.

  • You're not sure what kind of content to post to build know, like and trust inside your community, or how much to post and when.

  • Engagement and sales aren't where you'd like them to be and you'd like an expert opinion on how to 'move the needle' with your audience. 😊

After this call you'll be able to...

  • Move forward with 100% confidence that your group is set up the right way and optimised to deliver results.

  • Know that your group is going to show up in online searches and people are going to see you as the go-to resource in your niche.

  • Wake up each day with confidence, knowing exactly what steps to take to grow your business and your brand without using any spammy or sleazy methods.

  • Make a much bigger impact in your space and for your family... and you know that with more impact comes more income, right?

How it works and what you'll get...

Simply fill out the calendar below to book your 90 Minute Facebook Group Audit Call with me. Once your booking has been made you'll receive an email with full details of how to access the Zoom meeting room where the meeting will be held.

The price for this call is £195 for 90 minutes.

How To Book Your 90 Minute Facebook Group Audit Call With Me Personally

Select your preferred date and time from the spots that are available on the calendar below. As you proceed through, you'll be asked to fill in details about your business and other elements to make your time on the call more beneficial and productive. You'll also be requested to submit payment details as well as a few details about you and your business as you complete the calendar.

Finally, once you call is booked, you'll be sent full information about where the call is being held and what to do to get the best out of your time on the call.

You'll also get a recording of the call with full meeting notes so it'll be easy for you to review your meeting content as many times as you need. No need to scribble down any notes during the call... unless you want to!

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Facebook Group Audit Call

90 Mins
Total Amount
£ 195

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